www.odisha24.com is a digital form of news and information dissemination. We want to give our viewers detailed analysis and perspectives on the world around us. It is a product of our commitment to make changes in the mindset of the people and the administration on every front of the society that affects us. We believe strongly that we can and must do things differently. Our aim is to bring viewers news, perspectives and knowledge to prepare our society to change the world. We believe information is a powerful driver for a bright tomorrow.

Like all publishers all over the world, we are struggling to maintain the balance without getting biased by any force. We ensure that our digital viewers will get exclusive contents.

The team of www.odisha24.com is skilled and passionate. It knows you crave for new ideas; you want to know what is changing in our world that is for the good. It also knows that we all have a duty to hope. We know you believe in our independence and we have your trust. Our information has purpose, it is credible.



Chitralekha Mishra

Plot No- N6/40, IRC Village,


E-mail – [email protected]

Contact No – 7008611896


Sarat Chandra Dash

Plot No- N6/40, IRC Village,


E-mail – [email protected]


Aiswarya Dash

Samir Mishra


Saroj Kumar Nayak

Ajit Kumar Dash

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